• Messing gedreht Ketten, Panzerketten, gelötet, mit Spule, Oval, Silbern Silberfarbig, Größe: Ketten: ca. 1.5 mm lang, 1 mm breit, 0.35 mm dick, 92 m / Rolle

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Spezifikation Information über Größe

Größe 1.5x1x0.35mm
Material Messing
Metallfarbe Silbern
Verwendung Kette
Verpackungsgröße 92 m pro Verpackung


Brass Twisted Chains, Curb Chains, Soldered, with Spool, Oval, Silver Color

Size: Chains: about 1.5mm long, 1mm wide, 0.35mm thick, 92m/roll

The chains are with spool, and the picture in roll is for reference only, the real size of the spool varies from different chains.

Nowdays, chains are more and more widely used in all all kinds of situation. As long as you notice you will find they are used as bag chains which may increase its fashional element, bracelet chains, belts and so on.

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